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NDS Emulators

Nintendo DS Roms emlators are software prorams that enable you to run nds roms on PC by simulating = emulating nds hardware. Nds emulation.

Dualis 9 DS Emulator Released - GameCop from Dualis Emulation has released Dualis 9. It is the newest version of their x86/Win32 Nintendo DS Emulator.

IdeaS V1.0.0.5 Has Been Released - IdeaS, the DS emulator for the PC, has just been updated to v1.0.0.5. Here are the changes:

To download NDS roms emulators go to NDSemulator.com

DSEmu v0.4.3 Released

A new version of the DSEmu has been released. This emulates a Nintendo DS on the PC. Changelog:

– The Delay SWI has been implemented.
– The POWER_CR register is now separated into one for the ARM7 and one for the ARM9.
– A workaround has been implemented so ndslib console text displays correctly as well as some tile demos working ok. In 0.4.2 the latter was broken.
– A fix to VRAM mapping.
– The second screen did not work in 0.4.2. This has been fixed. Both screens should work now.
– The screens were often flipped compared to how they worked on hardware. This should be fixed.
– Responsiveness of the GUI has been improved for those demo's that enter 'busy loops'.
– Touchscreen has been re-implemented by implementing parts of the Serial Periphiral Interface (registers SERIAL_CR and SERIAL_DATA). This should mean that demo's using IPC v1 or IPC v2 work fine without having to hard code the IPC structure into DSEmu. This will require tweaks to get working right as I've done the minimum needed to get ndslib demo's working.
– The touchscreen bit of XKEYS now works. Programs can detect whether the screen is touched or not.
– Some logging data removed which was impacting performance.

You can get it in our Nintendo DS Download section here. (Source Included)

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for 3DS Game Downloads

PocketSPC v0.1 for DS

Gary Linscott has released PocketSPC player (SNES sound chip emulator) for the Nintendo DS. Currently, the only supported method of using this program is by using a flashcart with the
PocketSPC.ds.gba file. There is a .nds version included, but it is only a proof of concept,
and the file is hardcoded into the binary. Hopefully this will change in the next release.

Version 0.1
- Ported from GBA, rewrote CPU core, rewrote DSP core
- Support for stereo added
- Mixing rate set to SNES's 32000Hz
- Still missing echo/filter emulation for the DSP
- CPU bugs/unimplemented opcodes remain, if you encounter a song that plays very poorly, e-mail me

You can get it in our PSP Download section [here].

Emulation of roms on NDS - NEWs from -> NDS emu.com

NesterDS v0.1 Released!

Rich White house has released a NesterJ NES emulator port for the Nintendo DS. In this new release, Rich writes about it:

“This is a DS port of Nester. As you might've guessed. There are a ton of issues, and
it still bothers me that I'm storing the NES ROM over in ewram. I need to look into
that gbfs stuff apparently. There is no sound (the APU stuff is hooked up and runs
fine on the DS, it just needs the DS to actually do something with the output), but
the games I've tried run ok speed-wise. There is some "scan line"-type rendering
optimization in place because that's all still very slow and I haven't taken
advantage of any DS-specific hardware features to speed it up.

To use the thing, you can use the crappy primitive ROM insertion tool included in the
archive to put in the NES ROM of your choice. Currently only one ROM at a time is
supported. If I ever stop being lazy and load ROM files from image ROM like I should
be doing, that will be changing.”

You can get it in our Nintendo DS Download section [here].

Preview Release of GB Emulator for DSEthos has released a preview of his gameboy / gameboy color emulator for the Nintendo DS.

GameKengu v0.01 LiraNuna has released the first version of a GameKing emulator for Nintendo DS. This is the first GameKing emulator that we are aware of, and it is in very early development stages. DuckMan: Showing Title Screen, then hangs :( 2004: Showing garbage (well, it's a start!)

Fmsx v0.01b for the DSNyagosu has released an early work in progress release of the worlds first MSX emulator for the Nintendo DS .


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